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Beginning at sundown on Saturday the 26th of November 2011, is the Noumenia, the first day of the new month of Poseideon, which, as its name suggests, is devoted to Poseideon.

Poseidea – Beginning at sundown on Monday December 12,is the celebration of Poseidea, a festival in honor of Poseidon, giving the month its name and the god his due.  Little is known about this festival, it is presumed to have been celebrated on the 8th of the month, since that is the usual day established for honoring Poseidon but it could have been celebrated closer to the winter solstice. Some scholars suggest that this month, a time during which the Aegean Sea is most turbulent and restive, reflects the desire for the god to appease the troubled sea so that sailors can soon resume their journeys.

Heliogenna – Beginning at sundown on December 20, is the modern festival of Helliogenna. This festival is celebrated in three sections over 2 days.  The sections are: Sunset, Night, and Sunrise. Some people celebrate a nine-day version of this festival created by Hector Lugo.

Haloa – Beginning at sundown on Wednesday, December 21,(26 Poseideon) is the festival in honor of Demeter Haloa and Dionysos named after the halos (threshing floor). Although little is known about the specifics of this festival, we do know that it honoured Dionysos and Demeter and appears to have been a fertility rite.  It was celebrated with a feast likely held at Eleusis, with genitalia-shaped cakes, but without the foods forbidden in the Eleusinian Mysteries.  After the feast women danced around a giant phallus, leaving it offerings and engaged in ritual obscenity.  Men possibly held a separate festival honouring Poseidon.  This festival included offerings to Poseidon Phytalmios and Persephone.

Hekate's Deipnon - The next Hekate's Deipnon will be celebrated on the 30th of Poseideon beginning at sundown on the 26th of December.

Note that, as a proto-demos of Hellenion, we also include on our calendar a small libation to Dionysos on Saturday, December 10.

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