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Here are some photos from our Anthesteria celebration in February 2010.  To see a larger version of each photo, click on it. To see more photos from the Event, click on "read more" below.

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Hellenic Spirit is a group based in the Toronto, Ontario area and dedicated to observing ancient Greek festivals and holidays, with special focus on the Classical Era.  We are a proto-demos of Hellenion and we operate under the umbrella of Embolden.

We are committed to welcoming participants of all backgrounds and beliefs in an environment where all are equally included. Those who may be interested in initiatory degrees; secrets; esoteric mysteries; or magical practices are welcome to find such things in other groups while joining us for inclusive events open to everyone.

Each of our public events ends with a symposium or celebration supported by our members. Membership provides the opportunity to support our activities and to receive notice of our on-going activities and admission to special events.

You can contact us by sending an email to info at hellenicspirit dot ca.  This email is checked once or twice a week.

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Here's a list of currently-planned events for 2011-2012 (including other Embolden groups as well as Hellenic Spirit, in bold, since we plan our schedule jointly) and tentative dates for each.  Please check back in a few weeks for details.  Note: dates and locations are subject to change.  For more information or directions, please call Stephanie at 647 427 1678.
  • Apollo and Artemis - (in Muskoka) August 27
  • Harvest Ritual to Demeter - (Unitarian Hall) October 16
  • Samhain - October (in the Park, Leslie Street and Eglinton Avenue) November 5
  • Ritual to Ares - (Unitarian Hall) November 27
  • Ritual to Poseidon at the Winter Solstice - (High Park) December 22
  • Ritual to Hera and Zeus - (Unitarian Hall) January 15
  • Imbolc - (Unitarian Hall) February 4
  • Anthesteria - (Unitarian Hall) February 26
  • Aphrtodite - (Unitarian Hall) April 22
  • Beltane - (in the Park, Leslie Street and Eglinton Avenue) May 5
  • Athena - (loation TBD) June 3
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