# Monday, February 28, 2011

Yesterday, we celebrated Anthesteria for the second time!  Over 60 people attended the three-days-in-one ritual conducted by members of Hellenic Spirit.  The ritual honours Dionysos and the Muses and includes the important prayer that the wine we drink may be "harmless and safe."  This included the mystery of mixing the wine with water, which was then shared by all in attendance.  Two of our members sang the Orphic Hymn to Dionysos, perhaps the first time it has been sung in North America.

A festive meal followed the ritual and Hestia and Hermes were honoured there, as we acknowledged the present of departed relatives and ancestors.  After this, we danced to live music.

To see more photos, click on the link below. All photos by Jessie Blue FitzGerald and Cat Fitzgerald. Thanks to both of you!

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# Saturday, February 26, 2011

Εορτή της Άνοιξης, της αναγέννησης της φύσης, νέου κρασιού, νέας ζωής, μουσικής και χορού! Είναι μια από τις αρχαιότερες ελληνικές εορτές αφιερωμένη στον Διόνυσο, στον Ερμή και στους προγόνους. Εξακολουθεί να εορτάζεται στην Κύπρο και σε διάφορα μέρη της Ελλάδας. Δείτε το πρόγραμμα και περισσότερες πληροφορίες στο τέλος του άρθρου.

A celebration of flowers, new wine, new life, music and dance. This is one of the oldest Hellenic festivals dedicated to Dionysos, Hermes and the ancestors.

The program includes Poetry, Ancient hymns and the Athenian ritual. Classical and contemporary compositions for piano with Andrew Parashis. Reception and contemporary Greek music with Domenic and his band.

Sunday, February 27, at 3:00 p.m. Location: The Sunderland Hall, 175 St. Clair West at Avenue Road, Toronto.

Parking: hourly parking on St Clair and free parking north of St Clair. TTC: we are near the St Clair subway station on Yonge street.


Κυριακή 27 φλεβάρη στις 3:00 μμ. Αρχαίοι ύμνοι και τελετή Μουσική σε πιάνο με τον Ανδρέα Παράσχη 4:30 Παραδοσιακή ελληνική μουσική με τον Κυριάκο Γεωργίου και την ορχήστρα του.

Διεύθυνση: The Sunderland Hall, 175 St. Clair West at Avenue Road, Toronto. Parking: hourly parking on St Clair and free parking north of St Clair. TTC: we are near the St Clair subway station on Yonge street.

Τα Ανθεστήρια - Κυριακή 27 Φεβρουαρίου

Further information: Contact Stephanie Gray 416-357-2193
Spiros Parashis at parashis@spcom.ca

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Altar of the Twelve Gods sees the light,

Railway wants to pour concrete over it and put it back in the dark.

The sanctuary of the Twelve Gods in Athens is now covered by the wall of the Monastiraki subway station. The picture shows the base of the wall (peribolos) that surrounded the altar. Planned renovations will permanently cover the ancient monument.

The Altar of the Twelve Gods was one of Athens’ most ancient monuments and a sacred landmark that marked the very center of the ancient city, from which all distances were measured.

Archaeologists hope to persuade the Railway (ISAP) and the Greek Ministry of Culture to stop renovation that will compromise the ancient monument.

Read article in ekathimerini.com newspaper. www.ekathimerini.com/4dcgi/_w_articles_wsite4_1_17/02/2011_379147

See site details at the American School of Classical Studies: www.agathe.gr/democracy/tyranny.html


You may support the preservation of this monument by writing
to Railway company at pro@isap.gr
and to the Greek ministry of Culture at grplk@culture.gr

Information in Greek:

Στα Ελληνικά: “H KAΘHMEPINH” εφημερίδα


Τμήμα του Βωμού των Δώδεκα Θεών στην Αρχαία Αγορά, που προϊδεάζει μόνο για το σύνολο του μνημείου, ανέσκαψαν οι αρχαιολόγοι κάτω από τις γραμμές του ΗΣΑΠ κοντά στο Θησείο. Οι ειδικοί μιλούν για ανακάλυψη υψίστης σημασίας, αλλά η διοίκηση του ΗΣΑΠ έχει διατάξει κατάχωση.

Για προσπάθειες διάσωσης του μνημείου δείτε το ΘΥΡΣΟΣ

Spiros Parashis

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# Monday, February 21, 2011
Official request for Solidarity:

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Hellenic Spirit and dear friends of the Hellenic Culture, dear friends of Hellas! Dear Hellenists!

Very recently during constructions on the railway network of Athens in the ancient agora, a magnificent treasure of Hellenic History was uncovered, a masterpiece of the Hellenic Culture, the sacred Altar of the 12 Gods. Now this treasure is in immediate danger because of the decision of the railway company to rebury it as quick as possible. The Altar and its very site were the center of Athens in antiquity, the holiest spot of Athens, where Hiketes (suppliants) would ask for mercy. As archaeologists say, it is as important as the golden-elephantine statue of the Goddess Athena!

This Altar is not only an archaeological remain. It is also Sacred, especially to us, the followers of the Hellenic Ancient Religion. If it is reburied, "it will not only set a precedent but also form a black mark against Greek society and the attitude it takes toward its ancient heritage" (Kathimerini newspaper, Feb 17, 2011).  And it deprives those of us who honor the gods of the opportunity to visit this holy site.

Please help Thyrsos to spread the news to all civilized people from all over the world, and to save the cultural and spiritual treasure of our ancient heritage from being reburied or worse, even at the last minute.  Also, please write to the agencies below and express your desire to see the Altar of the 12 Gods remain above ground and be properly studied and preserved and accessible to all.

Your help is not just for Greek citizens but for  Hellenism itself!

Send your messages to the Railway company at this email: pro@isap.gr

And to the Hellenic Ministry of Culture in this email: grplk@culture.gr

For more information, contact Thyrsos at hellenesthyrsos@gmail.com. Thyrsos thanks you very much in advance for you interest and support.

On this link you can see photos of the Protest Thyrsos arranged, held on the very spot of the Altar

Information about the Altar and its location can be found here:

You can also check out the complete article by the Hellenic newspaper “Kathimerini”

May the Gods Shine upon you all!
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# Saturday, February 05, 2011
Today is the "Noumenia," the first day of the month of Anthesterion (Ανθεστηριών), a month so named because this is the time when the spring flowers and other plants begin to appear from the earth and the buds open in many parts of Greece.

Important festivals during this month in ancient times include:

  • The Anthesteria - from sunset Feb 14 to sunset Feb 17; a three-day festival to celebrate spring, new wine and the ancestors. Note: Hellenic Spirit will hold a public Anthesteria celebration on Sunday, Feb 27.
  • The Lesser Mysteries - from sunset Feb 23 to sunset Feb 28; a prelude to the great mysteries at Eleusis in the fall
  • Diasia - from sunset Feb 26 to sunset Feb 27; an appeasement festival in honor of Zeus Meilikhios (Kindly), to welcome spring with solemn but joyful celebrations and to honor chthonic Zeus, the Zeus of the underworld.
Note that, as a proto-demos of Hellenion, we include on our calendar a small libation to Aphrodite on Saturday, Feb 13. 

Anthesteria 2010

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