# Friday, April 15, 2011
About 30 people took part in our second Aphrodite Celebration on Sunday, April 3. Here are some photos from the event. To see more photos, click on "Read more" below. Click on a photo to see a larger version of it. Thanks to Marija Kuncaitas and others for photos.

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# Monday, April 04, 2011
Beginning at sundown on Monday, April 4, 2011, is the noumenia marking the beginning of the month of Mounykhion, named in honour of Artemis Mounykhia, protector of women and girls.

Important festivals during this month in ancient times include:

  • The Delphinia - On the 6th of Mounukhion beginning at sundown on the 9th of April, the Delphinia was celebrated in honor of Artemis Delphinia and Apollon.  Maidens of Athens processed to the Delphinion, a temple of Artemis and Apollon, to supplicate Artemis by carrying boughs of olive wrapped in white wool (boughs of supplication) to appeal to the goddess for her protection for women and girls.
  • The Mounykhia - On the 16th of Mounykhion (sundown on the 19th of April), the Mounukhia begans in honor of Artemis Mounukhia.  People carried small round cakes Amphiphontes (with little lights shining-all-round) which were offered to Artemis just at the moment that the sun and moon were both visible.  This was also a time for the Arkteia (when young girls played the she-bear).  The festival came to be understood as commemorating the aid given by Artemis Mounukhia during the battle of Salamis.
Note that, as a proto-demos of Hellenion, we also include on our calendar a small libation to Artemis on Saturday, April 9.

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