# Wednesday, October 26, 2011
Beginning at sundown on Thursday the 27th of October, 2001, is the Noumenia or first day of the month of Maimakterion, a "violent" month, probably so called because this is the time of year when the seas become dangerous for sailing.

The Pompaia - In ancient Attica, on the tenth of Maimakterion (sundown on the 5th to sundown 6th of November), the Pompaia was held in honor of Zeus.  Purificatory offscourings were taken away in solemn procession.

Little seems to be known concerning this festival or the equally obscure festival Maimakteria.  Pompaia is thought to been a festival dedicated primarily to Zeus but as mention is made of a procession with a sheepskin considered to have some magical properties and a caduceus, a staff entwined with snakes, and some parts of Greece this month was referred to as the Hermaia, it would seem that Hermes also played a role in this festival.  It could be that the two symbols were considered to have the ability to turn away adverse forces of nature, such as bad weather and the malaise of short, cold days that arrive with this month.  Plutarch in The Life of Aristides mentions a libation and bull sacrifice to Zeus and Hermes and those who "have died for the freedom of Hellas" occurring on the 16th of the Maimakterion and it is possible that it is the same festival.

Note that, as a proto-demos of Hellenion, we also include on our calendar a small libation to Ares on Saturday, November 12.

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# Sunday, October 16, 2011
We held our Harvest Ritual honouring Demeter, Dionysos, Apollo and Athena on Saturday, November 15 at Melissa's house.  About 10 people of all ages took part in the ritual, which was followed by a festive meal including panspermia, a traditional bean dish, and other harvest treats. 

To see a larger version of each photo below, just click on it.  (Photos thanks to Krys Przybylska and Karen Wehrstein.)

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# Friday, October 07, 2011
Our next event is our Harvest Celebration, incorporating elements of Pyanepsia and Oskhophora and the festival of Demeter, and it will be held on Saturday, October 15 starting at 3 pm. The location is a private house in North York near Sheppard and Bathurst.  RSVP to Stephanie (stphgryyy at gmail dot com) and request the address and directions.  This is a pot luck featuring vegetarian and dairy foods, so let Stephanie know what you're bringing. We will provide the panspermia (bean stew) that was traditionally eaten at the Pyanepsia.

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